Womxns March | Seattle, WA

Thank you to Greg Proops (of The Smartest Man in the World podcast) for closing his Portland episode with this poem. You can hear it here at 1:32:40

We are the granddaughters of the witches you didn't burn

Whose spells have healed, have loved, and nurtured.

Hurricanes, avalanches, earthquakes, rogue waves

Harness power, fury, and strength,

Beauty, awe, and wonder

It is, then, no wonder we call Nature, Mother.

Our Mother who art in heaven, earth and spirit,

Hallowed is her name, harrowed is her soul.

She weeps and comforts daughters who fear,

Listens and heals all,

Mother Magic, Mother Healer.

It is not one who is at stake, 

We feel the embers ready to blister feet,

So we march to stomp the fire out,

And from those ashes, we rise.