Sasquatch! 2016

Once I finally get to calm down and reorganize the massive amounts of merchandise, backstage decorations and oddities, I'll be able to properly word vomit all that happened this weekend. Sufficed to say, I learned a lot about myself and what I'm capable of in a variety of pressure situations. Little sleep, cancellations, a fire threatening to evacuate the festival, and a severe lack of sunscreen wore me down and brought my work game up to new personal records.

The most significant Moment for me was when Brittany Howard spoke to the crowd and began Alabama Shake's set on Sunday. This was after a day of high winds that brought cancellations of three bands and rescheduling those who could perform all day, updating, posting, sharing, answering questions and dispelling rumors. All while a fire was working its way along the desert less than 3 miles from the festival grounds. Finally, after a lawn session of eight acoustic songs with Leon Bridges, things started to seem less apocalyptic. Once Alabama Shakes started to play, the festival and my sanity seemed to reach an even keel.

The weekend's mantra: it's a marathon, not a sprint. Unless you're sprinting to the fancy artist bathrooms to pee.